Sport PEI honors International swim official

A P.E.I. swimming official is set to receive her second Sport PEI award in recognition of her officiating work in major competitions over the last year.

Marguerite Middleton is one of 10 officials from Canada that worked at international events in 2016, including Olympic trials and world championships.

She is receiving the Official of the Year award for her work in swimming, a sport she became involved with 20 years ago.

“My children started in swim and obviously like any other parent you get involved when they start swimming and you keep going.”

Middleton said she worked through her levels as an official, adding she stuck with it because of her work at the Canada Games when it was held on the Island in 2009.

“There are various levels, lots of levels and it takes a long time to be a senior official in Canada.”

After working her way up to the top levels, Middleton can now officiate at international events.

“That’s where you get to see the really cool stuff, that’s where you get to officiate the Olympians and that’s pretty cool.”

Special events

Middleton told Matt Rainnie of CBC’s Island Morning she had officiated Canada’s Olympic hopefuls before August’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where she was a starter. In that role, she makes sure the swimmers are all set and gives the starting beep to get them in the water.

“This year I also did FINA in Windsor in December, which is the first time that championship meet has been in Canada,” she said. “It was awesome – I was one of two starters for the entire week.”

At the event, Middleton started all the women’s races.

“So it’s 12 sessions, mornings and evenings, six days straight. But it was incredible.”

When asked about officiating an event in which Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, was competing, Middleton admits she was nervous.

“You sure don’t want to mess up his start,” she laughed. “When they get up on the blocks, as a starter you usually don’t know who they are but at the larger events they all get introduced. Then the pressure is really on because you know who is on the blocks.”

Swim PEI 2015/16 Awards

Congratulations to all the winners

2015/2016 Swim PEI Awards:

Alex B Campbell Award: EVAN CORISH

This award is for the most outstanding swimmer. Someone, male or female, who excelled at meets, was committed to their training and also showed leadership within their team. This person trained hard, improved their times, consistently attended and placed at meets, and lead by example. 

 Barney Bree Award: ABBEY CORISH

This award goes to the swimmer who best demonstrated leadership, fair play and sportsmanship both in and out of the pool. The recipient has shown his/her commitment to swimming by attending meets and consistently attempting to achieve personal bests. This person also was involved in additional activities such as other sports or clubs or volunteer work. He/she also maintained good grades at school.

Coach of the Year Award: TONY THERIAULT

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of a coach who has shown his/her commitment to the sport and the swimmers. He/she respects the abilities of the individual swimmers and trains all equally, recognizing that the medal count isn’t everything. He/she keeps up with rule and technical changes and is always on deck for practices. Where possible he/she attends clinics that will advance his/her skills and knowledge.

Official of the Year Award: DJ WELTON

This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of one official. This person must have demonstrated fairness at all times, and played a role that benefited the swimmers. He/she acted professionally, recognizing that their decisions are not always popular. Clear communication with other officials and everyone else on deck was a priority. Also attendance at clinics to advance knowledge and skills is evidence of an official dedicated to his/her position.

 Administrator of the Year Award: MEGAN CASELEY WELTON

This award recognizes an administrator who is involved with swimming either at the club level or the provincial level. He/she had interest in advancing the sport of swimming for the benefit of the athletes. Their involvement helped to provide a well-run organization.

Volunteer of the Year Award: JANA CORISH

This award recognizes the time and effort freely given by an individual. This person was involved in the organizing/running of many events this swim season. His/her willingness to selflessly participate has ensured that swimming on PEI remains a positive experience.


This award recognizes an individual or organization that contributes to the reputation of swimming as an established sport. The award may be for the coverage of a single event or part of an ongoing commitment to the promotion of swimming on PEI.

Honourary Lifetime Achievement Membership Award: MARGARET WHITROW

This award recognizes the many years of meritorious service to swimming on Prince Edward Island by an individual (or group). Through a long association with our sport, this person has shown leadership, been supportive and encouraging and has made significant contributions to the development and growth of swimming.

David Neil Mills Award: TOM CROWELL


The following awards are determined by FINA points:

Top 10 & Under AWARD:



Top 1112 Award:



Top 1314 Award:



Top 15-17 Award:



Top 18 & Over Award:



Update from Swimming Canada

Hello All,

As you know, Swimming Canada has been working on a comprehensive competition review over the past several months. This has been an ongoing process and I am proud to share with you today the first phase of our resulting Competition Improvement Plan for national events:

In addition, the supporting Preliminary Meet Information:

and 2017 time standards have been finalized.: have been finalized.

Change can be challenging, but it can also be exciting and present tremendous opportunity. Refreshing Swimming Canada’s national events is crucial to our future success in becoming a world-leading swimming nation. When making changes such as these it is critical to monitor their effectiveness continually. Swimming Canada will evaluate the changes on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as necessary. The improvement we need to meet our goals as a nation dictates that we make the most of every opportunity, maximize our assets and work together as a community to build a stronger, faster and deeper pool of swimmers to represent Canada.


Ahmed El-Awadi

Chief Executive Officer, Swimming Canada


2015 Swim PEI Awards

SwimPEI held the annual AGM and 2015 awards ceremony on Saturday October 3,2015.

A very special thank you to Nick Murray, Sport PEI, Darwin Gilcash from ADL, and Naomi Bree for presenting the awards and for being a special part of the ceremony.

Congratulations to all the winners.

2014/15 Top 10 & Under Courtney McBride
2014/15 Top 10 & Under Jonathan Hyndman
2014/15 Top 11-12 Alexa McQuaid
2014/15 Top 11-12 Charlie Morse
2014/15 Top 13-14 Jacqueline McQuaid
2014/15 Top 13-14 Logan Palmer
2014/15 Top 15-17 Sarah Williams
2014/15 Top 15-17 Matthew Smith
2014/15 Top 18 & Over Rebekah Nitschmann
2014/15 Top 18 & over Allen Boshnyak


Swimming ADL 1

Pictured above Darwim Gilcash representing ADL

Bridgett Scott – Coach of the Year, Scott Drummond – Volunteer of the Year,

David Harrison- Administrator of the Year

Swimming Award Winners

Pictured above Marguerite Middleton representing SwimPEI

Charlie Morse- Alex Campbell Award , David Campbell – Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award and Naomi Bree who presented the Barney Bree award to Evan Tynski( not pictured)