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Become An Island Swim Official

As a parent of a swimmer you have the opportunity to be involved with your child and their sport in various ways. One very instrumental way is by being trained, certified and working as an Official at meets your swimmer participates in. Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical rules of swimming and to ensure that the competition is fair and equitable to everyone.

Officials attend clinics, receive training and are certified by the Chief of Island Officials. Novice officials generally start as Timers and then Stroke and Turn Officials whose job it is to observe the swimmers in their assigned lanes from the time they take their first arm pull after entering the water or beginning a race through the completion of their race. Stroke and Turn Officials ensure that the strokes, turns and finishes comply with the rules applicable to each stroke. If strokes, turns or finishes are executed in a manner which is out of compliance with the rules, in the spirit of fairness they document information to disqualify a swimmer from a race. Disqualifying a swimmer should not be viewed as a negative. You are actually assisting the swimmer to become better at their sport.

There are many levels of officiating that require different degrees of involvement and time. Stroke and Turn Officials learn the ropes by attending clinics, using self-study materials, and working on deck under the supervision of an experienced official. Those who are interested move up the ladder to serving as a chief judge, then to refereeing and starting — again, learning through a combination of clinics, self-study materials, and on-the-job training.


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Marguerite Middleton is awarded Sport PEI’s Official of the year 2013

PEI Mutual Official of the Year Marguerite

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